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5,500+ Expired Domain Names

We scraped all of Wikipedia. This gave us 3,500,000+ output domains. We then found all the expired domains and processed them in Ahrefs to check the metrics on them all.

We only included domains that have 20-200+ RD’s according to Ahrefs, we then added them below along with DR, subnet and backlinks info.

Seed Site
Domains Scraped
Selection Rate

All domains listed below, are available to register as of June 16, 2020. Checked with Godaddy.

Our Bulk Enterprise Domain Solutions


We supply 2,500+ domains per week to our clients that are looking for the highest quality domains for their SEO networks. We specialize in working with strict criteria and processes.

We have extensive ccTLD inventory with extremely high quality domains, suitable for the most selective clients. Find out more by clicking below.