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The best way to setup expired domains for SEO!

Very effective private blog network [mini site] strategy

There are a number of options of setting up your expired domains one you’ve purchased them. You can turn them into your usual wordpress blog sites, or 301 them to internal pages on your money site etc.

The most effective method that we’ve always utilised is to turn them into mini sites.

The key resource for this will be Way back machine. You need to recover all of the original sites, we recommend using a resource like Way Back Downloader – in bulk, you can get the price to under $5 per site recovery!

We recommend no name internet for hosting as they have a solid resource system for easy setup and hosting as well as a wide variety of host locations. We have used them heavily for a large portion of our PBN networks and have had no complaints or reindexing issues.

Resurrecting former sites

With the concept of re using the old sites and their content, we bypass a huge range of issues. Your sites will not have footprints, they will align with the domain history etc, giving them credibility in the eyes of Google. You will want to setup adsense, banners etc to add an element of credibility as well.

With the 404 pages issue, it’s a little more tricky now, you don’t want to use wordpress plugins like link juice keeper etc as they have been accredited a huge amount of recent deindexation issues. There are good manual .htaccess scripts which are worth looking into.

Once you have your sites hosted and the websites recovered from way back machine, you’ll need to get your VA’s to insert your HTML links to the homepage. You can link out to 1-5 money sites in theory, as long as they are relevant. This makes it very worthwhile for JV’ing with partners in related/similar industries.

Tiered link power

So at this stage you should have perfectly hosted mini money sites acting as tier 1 links, they will have a handful of links to your money sites. This is the perfect Tier 1.

If you buy domains through us, you’ll have high quality niche relevant sites with great links in place. We want to build them up even stronger though, creating solid investment sites over time. Your core structure of say 20-30 tier 1 sites that you’ve setup will be built up with additional tiers of links.

What you want to do is setup 3-4 tiers of links over time to build up the overall power and quality of the top tier mini sites you’ve created. You won’t need to keep building links essentially, you will have an amazingly high quality top network that you can use to rank anything in the relevant industry.

Strategy layout

The most powerful strategy we’ve used and implemented over and over for our money/client sites is as follows:

Tier 1 – x number of mini sites as setup above

Tier 2 – Very high quality PBN posts from another non related network/service, set them up as 1:1 ration, one post per tier 1 site.

Tier 3 – News articles, PBN posts, Press release links

Additional side tier concept – what we do as well is setup expired domains with existing links and 301 them at tier 3 links. These domains we point loads of SAPE/ATX links at, or even 2-3 tiers of GSA, then we 301 them to blog posts at the tier 3 level. These 301’s can be pointed wherever you like at any stage essentially.

This builds up an incredibly strong network with a perfectly clean history, and tiers and tiers of power.

Diversifying anchors/power

Anchor text diversity: What we recommend is diluting/pillowing your incoming anchors with Press releases/other high quality contextual links. We recommend SEOlab press release service (skype – seolabservicepro). They have a massive value for money package, and delivered hundreds of links from high quality news sites.

All of your PR links should be created with brand/naked url anchors – absolutely nothing should have your keywords, no variations etc. Only use your brand if it doesn’t contain keywords.

Once you have this in place, set your anchors up on your tier 1 mini sites you built earlier to have exact match anchors on them. The concept here is to have a very low anchor text duplication rate so you don’t hit any over optimisation penalties. But you still get the full force power from your HQ tier 1 links.

Essentially what you are doing is using 5-10% of your links to do 90% of your link building, but you blanket them out with other decent quality links as well.

Effective results

The end result will be an extremely high powered network that is both relevant to your industry and pass ANY manual inspection. They will become more and more powerful over time and be extremely valuable as an asset + resource.

We use this exact strategy for all of our projects, using our domains and the above mentioned resources. We see a huge amount of success in what we do, you will to!

Purchasing vs sourcing domains yourself: ROI

When purchasing domains for SEO purposes, you’ll be faced with the 2 options of sourcing them yourself vs purchasing from a solid domain seller.

There are plenty of tools that will potentially get you decent quality domains such as Xenu or Screaming frog etc. These tools use a common concept of scraping websites for their outbound links and finding the ones that are non-responsive/host not found.

When you go through the process of sourcing domains, there is an entire series of steps including spam checking, link volume criteria, minimum metrics, etc. It all comes down to the time involved and whether you see a good ROI.

At Rank Networks, we have private enterprise level solutions that see us process between 5m-10m domains every day.

The process of procuring high quality expired domains works as follows:

  • Step 1: Scrape, filter, source, trim, de duplicate all outbound links from the domains we scrape.
  • Step 2: Check all domains for HTTP status > remove all domains except the ones that aren’t responding.
  • Step 3: Utilize our 20 separate bulk register API’s to check the remaining non responsive domains > Usually 100,000-500,000 domains at a time (Most API’s will limit you to 5-10k a day, a custom bulk solution is essential- $$$)
  • Step 4: Bulk check all expired/available domains for their metrics, filtering out anything that doesn’t meet our minimum criteria.
  • Step 5: Remove all domains that don’t have minimum link volumes, referring domains, referring IP’s.
  • Step 6: Parse all remaining domains through our automatic anchor filtering software, removing any domains with links containing anchors from our BAD WORD list.
  • Step 7: Manually process all remaining domains – checking links, anchors, and wayback history for anything that remotely resembles SPAM or any other negative aspects. (12 full time employees)
  • Step 8: Index, and categorize all final domains into categories by country TLD/Niche/Industry etc.

This process requires a heavy time investment, and you aren’t guaranteed to find anything in the long run. We process almost 100million domains a week, and the final output volume is miniscule in comparison.

The biggest negative is that after all this, there will only be a small % of domains relevant to your industry/niche, which is useless unless you have a strategy for generic domains

Scraping websites through traditional tools generally takes several hours, upwards to several days for larger sites. Then bulk checking, spam filtering, and processing everything from there takes a substantial amount of time.

Your time is worth a $ figure, and you need to calculate the investment vs your return.

If you are looking to acquire 1-10 domains a month, then conventional tools and domain acquisition would definitely be the best option for you and your SEO infrastructure.

If you have specific requirements, such as needing 50 financial domains from a specific TLD, you will end up spending a huge amount of time trying to locate them with no guarantee of finding anything.

We encourage everyone to try sourcing domains themselves first before purchasing from anyone. This will help you value the service offered by domain brokers.

We also include a solid range of guarantees.

All domains will be minimum trust flow 10-40
All domains will have minimum 10-100 ref domains
All domains will be spam free – no spam links, anchors or history.
All domains are guaranteed to index in Google, otherwise we replace them instantly.
All domains are guaranteed to be delivered within 24 hours, however standard delivery times are 30 minutes-2 hours.

We make a huge effort to ensure you receive the highest quality domains. We refuse to sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves across our range of networks.

Our commitment to value and quality has enabled us to become the LARGEST supplier in our industry. We have the biggest names behind us, such as: Alex becker, Viper Chill, Jimmy Kelly, Dori Friend, SEO Catalyst, OMG Machines, Matthew Woodward, etc.

Take confidence in our guarantees, and look at making Rank Networks your industry partner today.

Happy SEO’ing!

PBN tips you haven’t heard before!

Quick tips.

We’re catering towards the more advanced webmaster audience, so we’ll assume you already know how to setup and build basic networks (PBN’s). But, do you know about all of these extra tips and ideas?

  • Use Wayback Machine to reuse old content, a good service to use is Way Back Downloader – they’ll drop prices to $3 per site in bulk!
  • Build your PBN out as mini money sites. Each site becomes a “small business” with a built out website, that has service pages, about us, etc – a basic website package. You can get these churned out with logos etc offshore quickly and cheaply. (Online Jobs PH is great!)
  • Used tabbed content on your homepage for your PBN sites, following the above concept. Your homepage should be a mini business site with relevant homepage. Then used tabbed content to include your relevant links, inside a few paragraphs of quality content. This is good for very niche specific sites with 5-8 max OBL.
  • Use 2 x as many links to authority sites then to your money sites. Each post on your PBN should include at least 2 authority site links to every money site link.
  • Strip every irrelevant meta tag, and link in your wordpress themes. Each one costs you link juice.

PBN Hosting Do’s and Don’ts

After the recent massive PBN deindexation, it’s been verified that a big part of it was because of hosting. It’s now even more important to keep your hosting clean as well as diversified.

Below is a list of hosts that are cheap and currently running clean.

Quick Click Hosting – Web Hosting Made Easy | Affordable and Reliable UK Based Servers (2,75pounds/year and 3 months free trial)
http://resellergo.com/cheap-hosting-plan.html 1$ year (one 10$ payment for 10 years)
https://my.freecpanelsharedhosting.com/ 3$ year (don’t allow hotmail)
Cheap VPS | Budget VPS | Dedicated Servers | Webhosting | Budget Hosting 4$ year
Host Goon – Portal Home 5$ year
http://www.t1hosting.com 5$ year (only first year (then 15$)) coupon 9MV1P5Q4UY
http://www.1dollar-webhosting.com/ 0,5$ month (3 year payment -> 18$ )
http://www.hostmyway.net (0,5$ per month – sweetzerland, so fast support)
http://www.adarshhost.com 7,5$/year (this discount appears in the end of the funnel)
www.hostmedia.co.uk 5pounds/year
http://www.st-georgehosting.com 0,75$ month
http://www.ramhost.us 9$ year (0,75$/month)
http://hostwithlinux.net/ 7$/year
http://www.dedipage.com/ 7€/year
www.hudsonvalleyhost.com coupon (75offshared)
http://www.tekhive.co.uk 5 libras/year (coupon SIGNUP60R)
http://www.eriahosting.com 6 libras/year cupon (WHTbasic2014)
http://www.hostpair.com/ 9$/year (coupon S2014)
http://www.reliablecore.com 10$ year
http://hostmastered.net 0,85$/month – (coupon 25HM)
http://dewlance.com 9$/year
http://www.hosthex.com/ 10$/year
http://www.mycustomhosting.net/ 10$/year
http://www.hostabulous.com 10$/year
http://waxspace.com/ 0,9$/month
http://inodehost.com/ 1$ 15% coupon – wht50 – 154life
https://www.enverahost.com/ 1$/month
www.dollarseohosting.com/ 1$/month
http://www.3ix.org/ 1$/month
http://www.hostso.com/ 1$/month
http://www.w3space.net 1$/month
http://ipxcore.com 1$/month
http://www.hostbig.com/ 1$/month
http://www.hostingdude.com/ 1$/month
http://www.linkalone.com/ 1$/month
http://lowcosthost.org 1$/month
http://www.idc.net 1$/month
http://servinio.com 1,91$/month – 4 locations
https://t1hosting.com $5.00 for the first year (Coupon Code “9MV1P5Q4UY”)
https://clientarea.clearbluehosting.com/cart.php $5 First Year with coupon I0UD0BGO7Y
https://clubivoire.com/clients/cart.php $6 per year, coupon code WHT
Shopping Cart – HostingOwner.com $6 per year
$7 for 1 Year of Hosting – Squidix Web Hosting & Development $7 per year

An important aspect of PBN hosting is to ensure you’re not hosting with a lot of other spammy sites, pushing link juice towards pharma, paydayloans, and adult sites.

Here are 3 free tools that are well worth using to ensure your website is being hosted in the right place – http://www.huomah.com/Search-Engines/Search-Engine-Optimization/3-free-tools-to-make-sure-your-site-is-in-good-company.html

Make sure you keep tabs on your hosting health level, and eradicate anything that get’s too toxic. This is trial and error, but can be handled by a VA team etc.

Page rank is a useless metric, here’s why.

Pagerank sucks.

Bold statement indeed! However here’s why we think you’ll agree with us.

Pagerank is a metric that Google has said themselves, just “isn’t that big of a deal“. Google tell’s you not to obsess over page rank.

Seeing as Google has not updated their metric for a very long term with no plans to continue to do so, it’s hardly a metric to place faith in.

Metrics is all about current data. Majestic SEO and Moz OSE both contain rapidly updating data that you can build a business around.

Any day if the week, you head over to Godaddy auctions and see people scrambling over domains with PR that have useless/non existent/spam backlinks and are practically worthless.

Spam is still an issue yes, it’s ability to manipulate metrics is something that is yet to be eradicated. PR, DA, PA, and CF can all be artificially manipulated through spam, the one metric we use as our governing decider is Trust Flow from Majestic SEO. TF is very difficult to manipulate with spam, and so we use it as our benchmark in 99% of cases.

What works?

What we’ve found to be the #1 most effective way to analyze and determine domain worthiness is through a combination of selection by minimum trust flow (We usually go for minimum TF 10+ domains) and manually checking in Ahrefs (The best indexing service out there)

It all comes down to the actual backlinks as to what the domain power really is. Even metrics cant be trusted every time, as some metric providers such as Moz and Majestic may have lost touch with backlinks pointing at the domain that still exist.

Here are a few sources that have more information that we reccomend reading.

Why Google Page Rank Is Now Irrelevant

Why Visible PageRank is a Useless Metric


The Art of (NFG) SEO

We do not deal with PR and will not entertain the idea of it unless Google makes some very drastic changes to their PR updating process.