Client Case Study: 2,500+ domains

2,500 expired domains delivered over a 5 month period (2019)

A private media company based in Malta was referred to us from an existing client. They had an existing infrastructure and team in place to acquire a certain amount of expired domains per week. However, the key bottleneck was domain volume.

They were looking for domains from European TLD’s, in various fields such as legal, tech, health, sports and energy – as they had a wide array of internal projects. They also had additional requirements such as minimum 10 years history in wayback machine and at least 5 links from DR 35+ niche relevant sites.

We were able to provide them a consistent flow of 100-150 domains per week over a 5 month period. Initially this was designed to supplement what their internal team couldn’t acquire. However, by 2 months in we had replaced their entire internal acquisition systems and team.

Integrating a stress free bulk domain solution to their internal systems allowed them to break organic traffic records and superseded all earnings.