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These are the most common questions about our service.

Are your domains spam free?

Yes, our team of expert SEO analysts go through and methodically check the domains for SPAM. They check the anchors and links in Ahrefs, and the domain history through wayback machine tools.

Do I need to pay up front for the domains?

We complete the entire domain sourcing process up front before any payment, to ensure that everything is transparent and clear. We don’t make you pay for domains you have not seen yet. We wear the risk to ensure you have a smooth purchase experience.

How long does it take for you to source my domains?

We usually have all orders processed within 2-3 hours, we specialize in ultra fast turn around time.

How much do your domains cost?

We price purely on volume, the more you buy from us, the cheaper they will be. This works great for our clients, because often we will deliver domains worth $500+ (very high end links) as part of the package, however you’ll receive them at the same flat rate. In addition to this, we often source and include domains with high face value such as shorter single word domains etc, as part of our acquirement process. This purely benefits you! Generally our domains are $19-35 each.

Will I receive domains with a lot of directory/forum/web 2.0 links?

Our team also filter out domains with a high amount of low quality links such as web 2.0’s, directory links, blog comments etc. We only scrape seed sites that are high authority to begin with, so the domains will always have authority links, and we ensure they have a good amount of them.

How many domains will I receive?

We’ll supply double the amount of domains you requested. So if you request to purchase 100 domains, we will send you 200 domains that have been through the above process and match our criteria.


You’ll then have the opportunity to go through and select 100 domains out of the list of 200, based on whatever your personal preference is. If you want to take the entire list of 200, that’s fine as well 🙂

How do you source specific TLD/niche domains?

For specific domains (take France for an example) – we can take a list of high authority local newspapers (example) and scrape the entire list very quickly. We then filter out the .fr domains and quickly check the list for expired domains. We then run them through Ahrefs API and batch process the entire list.


Once we have a database of domains with Ahrefs stats, we filter out anything with less than 20 referring domains.

How can I get in touch with you quickly?

If you connect with us on Skype (Rank Networks) and let us know what you’re looking for, we will scrape several authority sites in your niche for you very quickly, and share the raw data export with you so you can get a very quick idea of what sort of domains you can expect.

Chat to us on Skype

We’re available 18 hours a day on Skype. We are always around to answer any queries, take orders or help you with your next PBN project. Click below to start!