How important is niche relevancy?

There is a lot of generic advice around only utilizing niche relevant links, as it impacts rankings at a high level. We disagree.

The most important ranking factor is power over relevancy. We’ve tested this across our own 12,000 domain networks – very tediously.

A relevant link gives a small bonus, but we’ve only seen 10-15% max. It’s definitely not a 100% bonus or anything close.

When you’re looking for domains in a very specific niche, obviously the available pool is quite small. Whereas if you select from all domains as a whole – not looking for niche specific, the quality is much higher overall.

This definitely applies to high demand niches such as home improvement. It’s very difficult to get high-quality links for sites in those niches, to begin with. So the majority of expired domains in those niches will have most of their backlinks from directory sites etc.

What we have found as the most powerful and future-proof strategy is this:

  • We go for powerful generic domains that have excellent quality links and a good amount of them.
  • We set them up with a restoration of the sites from wayback machine.
  • We then put a “partners section” on the homepage of the sites.
  • We put a logo image of our money site, and then link to our site – linking the logo image to our site.
  • We add an “alt tag” on the image as the exact match anchor.

This creates a very legit link that is utilized across every industry by a huge % of the internet. Instead of just putting a text link on the homepage like “hosting reviews” for example, we have a specific credible partners section and link with the logo image with the alt tag. This gives the exact same effect as a exact match text link, but is 100% legitimate and cleaner.

These links have an incredible effect on our rankings and have become our go to strategy for all of our internal money sites (250+) and our partners as well.

We recommend integrating generic high powered domains that have links from high authority news sites, government sites and other hard to obtain links – into your strategy. This will give you an insane amount of link power leverage.

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