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How it all works


Rank Networks domains – delivering high impact solutions for your search marketing campaigns!

To get the #1 rankings your clients expect, you need effective resources in place. The most effective way to see SEO results is through a blog network concept. There are many variations to the idea, but however you choose to do it, the principal comes back to quality high powered domains.

Our domains are the best in the business, and we have the capacity to deliver exactly what you need. Being able to purchase domains in any niche as well as specific TLD or international domain format’s is an extremely powerful element, which has up to this point – been widely unavailable. Till now.

Our acquirement process.

Step 1: Databased websites

We will filter out linked domains by keyword from many large websites we have completely data based, such as CNN, Forbes, Wikipedia, etc. If you require travel domains, then we will filter out every domain that contain the keywords travel, flight, hotel etc – based on your industry requirements.

This will generate for us a large list of domains that are related to your requirements because they contain the exact words in the domain. We then filter the list down to the required metrics you request from us.

Step 2: Relevant authority sites

We will identify a number of authority sites in your industry, and data base them along with their outbound links. We will then check each domain for availability, resulting in an available list. From there we check the metrics in Majestic and Moz, filtering out any domains under TF 10.

The result is a list of available/free to register domains that are closely related to your industry with quality minimum metrics. We will then supply you with this list of domains to parse through and identify the domains you would like to purchase.

Why our domains are the best.

When you purchase domains from us, you’ll receive a quality guarantee.

We guarantee that all domains will have a minimum of TF (Trust Flow) 10. On average you’ll receive a database of domains from us with metrics from TF 10-35.

missme1We price purely on volume, the more you buy from us, the cheaper they will be. This works great for our clients, because often we will deliver domains worth $500+ (Very high metrics) as part of the package, however you’ll get them at the same flat rate! In addition to this, we often source and include domains with high face value, short 1 word domains etc, as part of our acquirement process. This purely benefits you!

We’re all about delivering the maximum amount of value, in order to help you make the biggest IMPACT possible on your marketing efforts.

Our process is super-fast! With streamlined processes in place, we ensure that you will see a very fast turnaround – every step along the way of our business process. You can expect to see domains within 12 hours of when you place a search order with us. Usually we deliver within a few hours though. Compare this to other smaller market providers with much slower and simpler acquirement processes, we are head and shoulders above the rest.

Our own in house results.

Our domains make an impact on rankings! Here’s some of our own in house ranking results, based on testing with the exact same domains you will be purchasing from us. We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves in house, we are involved in over 85 different industries and markets, constantly testing and refining results.


The results of our in house campaigns are wildly successful, which is why have opened up our service to a specific criteria of clientele.

Example domains that we source.

To be able to appreciate our service in full, you need to see an example of what you will be seeing from us. Below is database of domains that we acquired in a certain niche which demonstrates the level of quality of which we are able to deliver.


Time to get started!

We’re here to discuss your next step with you. We love to talk strategies, give away free advice, and share results, as well as provide a premium service. Tell us about what you’re looking to achieve and what you need specifically. We will assist you in making the best choice for your market and audience.


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