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Bulk Expired PBN Domains

We provide seamless solutions for clients looking for high quality expired domains in bulk.

With over 8 years experience, we’ve worked with every type of client and refined our systems and processes to provide the highest level solutions in the industry.

Our specialty is providing bulk domains that meet specific criteria and internal requirements. Looking for 150 x  .CO domains that have 10-50 dofollow links from DR 50+ root domains? We have you sorted.

The majority of our deals are constructed around specific requirements that our clients provide. Providing flexible solutions is one of our key USP’s.


Client Success Case Study

2,500 expired domains delivered over a 5 month period (2019)

A private media company based in Malta was referred to us from an existing client. They had an existing infrastructure and team in place to acquire a certain amount of expired domains per week. However, the key bottleneck was domain volume.

They were looking for domains from European TLD’s, in various fields such as legal, tech, health, sports and energy – as they had a wide array of internal projects. They also had additional requirements such as minimum 10 years history in wayback machine and at least 5 links from DR 35, niche relevant sites.

We were able to provide them a consistent flow of 100-150 domains per week over a 5 month period. Initially this was designed to supplement what their internal team couldn’t acquire. However. 2 months in we had replaced their entire internal acquisition systems.

Integrating a stress free bulk domain solution to their internal systems allowed them to break organic traffic records and superseded all earnings.

Specific Domain Sourcing


If you’re searching for specific niche or ccTLD domains, this is how we source the very best.

In depth detailed processing

For specific domains (take France for an example) – we can take a list of high authority local newspapers (example) and scrape the entire list very quickly. We then filter out the .fr domains and quickly check the list for expired domains. We then run them through Ahrefs API and batch process the entire list.

Once we have a database of domains with Ahrefs stats, we filter out anything with less than 20 referring domains, then we take that list and have our team of expert SEO analysts go through and methodically check the domains for SPAM. They check the anchors and links in Ahrefs, and the domain history through wayback machine tools.

Spam filtered
Index rate


We Only Sell What We'd Use


The Perfect List Of Domains

Our team also filter out domains with a high amount of low quality links such as web 2.0’s, directory links, blog comments etc. We only scrape seed sites that are high authority to begin with, so the domains will always have authority links, and we ensure they have a good amount of them. The result is a list of clean expired domains with great links and no spam whatsoever.

We’ll supply double the amount of domains you requested. So if you request to purchase 100 domains, we will send you 200 domains that have been through the above process and match our criteria.

You’ll then have the opportunity to go through and select 100 domains out of the list of 200, based on whatever your personal preference is. If you want to take the entire list of 200, that’s fine as well 🙂

Delivery before payment

We process all domains up front before any payment, to ensure that everything is transparent and clear. We don't make you pay for domains you have not seen yet. We wear the risk to ensure you have a smooth purchase experience.



5-50 domains

$35 EACH

20-200+ referring domains
Niche/TLD specific
Spam free links & history
High authority links

50+ Domains

$29 EACH

20-200+ referring domains
Niche/TLD specific
Spam free links & history
High authority links

100+ domains

$25 each EACH

20-200+ referring domains
Niche/TLD specific
Spam free links & history
High authority links

200+ Domains

$19 EACH

20-200+ referring domains
Niche/TLD specific
Spam free links & history
High authority links

What happens next

When you place a domain order enquiry through us, we’ll get in touch with you and arrange the following.


We’ll go over the domains you’re looking for, including niche/TLD/volume and any other aspects.


Our scraping team will process all of the top sites in your niche and compile a list of high quality, clean domains.


We provide you with a list that will be double what you ordered. After you’ve selected the domains you want, we’ll prepare an invoice, after you’ve registered your domains.