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Page rank is a useless metric, here’s why.

Page rank is a useless metric, here’s why.

Pagerank sucks.

Bold statement indeed! However here’s why we think you’ll agree with us.

Pagerank is a metric that Google has said themselves, just “isn’t that big of a deal“. Google tell’s you not to obsess over page rank.

Seeing as Google has not updated their metric for a very long term with no plans to continue to do so, it’s hardly a metric to place faith in.

Metrics is all about current data. Majestic SEO and Moz OSE both contain rapidly updating data that you can build a business around.

Any day if the week, you head over to Godaddy auctions and see people scrambling over domains with PR that have useless/non existent/spam backlinks and are practically worthless.

Spam is still an issue yes, it’s ability to manipulate metrics is something that is yet to be eradicated. PR, DA, PA, and CF can all be artificially manipulated through spam, the one metric we use as our governing decider is Trust Flow from Majestic SEO. TF is very difficult to manipulate with spam, and so we use it as our benchmark in 99% of cases.

What works?

What we’ve found to be the #1 most effective way to analyze and determine domain worthiness is through a combination of selection by minimum trust flow (We usually go for minimum TF 10+ domains) and manually checking in Ahrefs (The best indexing service out there)

It all comes down to the actual backlinks as to what the domain power really is. Even metrics cant be trusted every time, as some metric providers such as Moz and Majestic may have lost touch with backlinks pointing at the domain that still exist.

Here are a few sources that have more information that we reccomend reading.

Why Google Page Rank Is Now Irrelevant

Why Visible PageRank is a Useless Metric


The Art of (NFG) SEO

We do not deal with PR and will not entertain the idea of it unless Google makes some very drastic changes to their PR updating process.

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