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PBN Hosting Do’s and Don’ts

PBN Hosting Do’s and Don’ts

After the recent massive PBN deindexation, it’s been verified that a big part of it was because of hosting. It’s now even more important to keep your hosting clean as well as diversified.

Below is a list of hosts that are cheap and currently running clean.

Quick Click Hosting – Web Hosting Made Easy | Affordable and Reliable UK Based Servers (2,75pounds/year and 3 months free trial)
http://resellergo.com/cheap-hosting-plan.html 1$ year (one 10$ payment for 10 years)
https://my.freecpanelsharedhosting.com/ 3$ year (don’t allow hotmail)
Cheap VPS | Budget VPS | Dedicated Servers | Webhosting | Budget Hosting 4$ year
Host Goon – Portal Home 5$ year
http://www.t1hosting.com 5$ year (only first year (then 15$)) coupon 9MV1P5Q4UY
http://www.1dollar-webhosting.com/ 0,5$ month (3 year payment -> 18$ )
http://www.hostmyway.net (0,5$ per month – sweetzerland, so fast support)
http://www.adarshhost.com 7,5$/year (this discount appears in the end of the funnel)
www.hostmedia.co.uk 5pounds/year
http://www.st-georgehosting.com 0,75$ month
http://www.ramhost.us 9$ year (0,75$/month)
http://hostwithlinux.net/ 7$/year
http://www.dedipage.com/ 7€/year
www.hudsonvalleyhost.com coupon (75offshared)
http://www.tekhive.co.uk 5 libras/year (coupon SIGNUP60R)
http://www.eriahosting.com 6 libras/year cupon (WHTbasic2014)
http://www.hostpair.com/ 9$/year (coupon S2014)
http://www.reliablecore.com 10$ year
http://hostmastered.net 0,85$/month – (coupon 25HM)
http://dewlance.com 9$/year
http://www.hosthex.com/ 10$/year
http://www.mycustomhosting.net/ 10$/year
http://www.hostabulous.com 10$/year
http://waxspace.com/ 0,9$/month
http://inodehost.com/ 1$ 15% coupon – wht50 – 154life
https://www.enverahost.com/ 1$/month
www.dollarseohosting.com/ 1$/month
http://www.3ix.org/ 1$/month
http://www.hostso.com/ 1$/month
http://www.w3space.net 1$/month
http://ipxcore.com 1$/month
http://www.hostbig.com/ 1$/month
http://www.hostingdude.com/ 1$/month
http://www.linkalone.com/ 1$/month
http://lowcosthost.org 1$/month
http://www.idc.net 1$/month
http://servinio.com 1,91$/month – 4 locations
https://t1hosting.com $5.00 for the first year (Coupon Code “9MV1P5Q4UY”)
https://clientarea.clearbluehosting.com/cart.php $5 First Year with coupon I0UD0BGO7Y
https://clubivoire.com/clients/cart.php $6 per year, coupon code WHT
Shopping Cart – HostingOwner.com $6 per year
$7 for 1 Year of Hosting – Squidix Web Hosting & Development $7 per year

An important aspect of PBN hosting is to ensure you’re not hosting with a lot of other spammy sites, pushing link juice towards pharma, paydayloans, and adult sites.

Here are 3 free tools that are well worth using to ensure your website is being hosted in the right place – http://www.huomah.com/Search-Engines/Search-Engine-Optimization/3-free-tools-to-make-sure-your-site-is-in-good-company.html

Make sure you keep tabs on your hosting health level, and eradicate anything that get’s too toxic. This is trial and error, but can be handled by a VA team etc.

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