PBN tips you haven’t heard before!

Quick tips.

We’re catering towards the more advanced webmaster audience, so we’ll assume you are already across how to setup and build basic networks (PBN’s). But, do you know about all of these extra tips and ideas?

  • Use Wayback Machine to reuse old content, a good service to use is Way Back Downloader – they’ll drop prices to $3 per site in bulk!
  • Build your PBN out as mini money sites. Each site becomes a “small business” with a built out website, that has service pages, about us, etc – a basic website package. You can get these churned out with logos etc offshore quickly and cheaply. (Online Jobs PH is great!)
  • Used tabbed content on your homepage for your PBN sites, following the above concept. Your homepage should be a mini business site with relevant homepage. Then used tabbed content to include your relevant links, inside a few paragraphs of quality content. This is good for very niche specific sites with 5-8 max OBL.
  • Use 2 x as many links to authority sites then to your money sites. Each post on your PBN should include at least 2 authority site links to every money site link.
  • Strip every irrelevant meta tag, and link in your wordpress themes. Each one costs you link juice.