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Purchasing vs sourcing domains yourself: ROI

Purchasing vs sourcing domains yourself: ROI

When purchasing domains for SEO purposes, you’ll be faced with the 2 options of sourcing them yourself vs purchasing from a solid domain seller.

There are plenty of tools that will potentially get you decent quality domains such as Xenu or Screaming frog etc. These tools use a common concept of scraping websites for their outbound links and finding the ones that are non-responsive/host not found.

When you go through the process of sourcing domains, there is an entire series of steps including spam checking, link volume criteria, minimum metrics, etc. It all comes down to the time involved and whether you see a good ROI.

At Rank Networks, we have private enterprise level solutions that see us process between 5m-10m domains every day.

The process of procuring high quality expired domains works as follows:

  • Step 1: Scrape, filter, source, trim, de duplicate all outbound links from the domains we scrape.
  • Step 2: Check all domains for HTTP status > remove all domains except the ones that aren’t responding.
  • Step 3: Utilize our 20 separate bulk register API’s to check the remaining non responsive domains > Usually 100,000-500,000 domains at a time (Most API’s will limit you to 5-10k a day, a custom bulk solution is essential- $$$)
  • Step 4: Bulk check all expired/available domains for their metrics, filtering out anything that doesn’t meet our minimum criteria.
  • Step 5: Remove all domains that don’t have minimum link volumes, referring domains, referring IP’s.
  • Step 6: Parse all remaining domains through our automatic anchor filtering software, removing any domains with links containing anchors from our BAD WORD list.
  • Step 7: Manually process all remaining domains – checking links, anchors, and wayback history for anything that remotely resembles SPAM or any other negative aspects. (12 full time employees)
  • Step 8: Index, and categorize all final domains into categories by country TLD/Niche/Industry etc.

This process requires a heavy time investment, and you aren’t guaranteed to find anything in the long run. We process almost 100million domains a week, and the final output volume is miniscule in comparison.

The biggest negative is that after all this, there will only be a small % of domains relevant to your industry/niche, which is useless unless you have a strategy for generic domains

Scraping websites through traditional tools generally takes several hours, upwards to several days for larger sites. Then bulk checking, spam filtering, and processing everything from there takes a substantial amount of time.

Your time is worth a $ figure, and you need to calculate the investment vs your return.

If you are looking to acquire 1-10 domains a month, then conventional tools and domain acquisition would definitely be the best option for you and your SEO infrastructure.

If you have specific requirements, such as needing 50 financial domains from a specific TLD, you will end up spending a huge amount of time trying to locate them with no guarantee of finding anything.

We encourage everyone to try sourcing domains themselves first before purchasing from anyone. This will help you value the service offered by domain brokers.

We also include a solid range of guarantees.

All domains will be minimum trust flow 10-40
All domains will have minimum 10-100 ref domains
All domains will be spam free – no spam links, anchors or history.
All domains are guaranteed to index in Google, otherwise we replace them instantly.
All domains are guaranteed to be delivered within 24 hours, however standard delivery times are 30 minutes-2 hours.

We make a huge effort to ensure you receive the highest quality domains. We refuse to sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves across our range of networks.

Our commitment to value and quality has enabled us to become the LARGEST supplier in our industry. We have the biggest names behind us, such as: Alex becker, Viper Chill, Jimmy Kelly, Dori Friend, SEO Catalyst, OMG Machines, Matthew Woodward, etc.

Take confidence in our guarantees, and look at making Rank Networks your industry partner today.

Happy SEO’ing!

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