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Terms and Conditions

By purchasing domains through Rank Networks, you agree to ALL of the following terms and conditions

All domains will have the following specifics and minimum metrics/guarantees (Unless specifically specified in the purchase)

Minimum trust flow: 10-30+
Referring domains: 10-100+
No spam back links, anchors, or history

We do not use or guarantee any MOZ metrics (Domain Authority/Page Authority) – you can read why, here:

Re indexing guarantee: These expired domains will reindex in Google within 24 hours, or a replacement will be provided. All domains are deindexed as soon as they expire. Google doesnt want expired domains showing up for search results.

We do not sell domains that have spam links, anchors, or history -> Only high quality domains.

All “domain sales” consist of pure “data” -> you will be provided with a list of domains that meet the above criteria, you will then choose whichever ones you like, and register them at your favourite domain registrar.

The domains you purchase will be in the niches you specify and similar industries, unless you are purchasing generic domains. Generic domains refers to domains of any industry or language.

All majestic trust flow data is based on checking them through http://www.domain.com format, not domain.com or http://domain.com

All referring domain data is based on Ahrefs.com in domain.com format.

Rank Networks sells a minimum of 5 domains in generic industries. For niche specific orders, a minimum of 10 domains must be purchased.

Domains are delivered usually within a 1-24 hour period, but 48 hours at max.

There are no refunds given, unless we specifically did not deliver as promised – incorrect metrics etc. By purchasing, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

Thanks and happy SEO’ing!


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