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The best way to setup expired domains for SEO!

The best way to setup expired domains for SEO!

Very effective private blog network [mini site] strategy

There are a number of options of setting up your expired domains one you’ve purchased them. You can turn them into your usual wordpress blog sites, or 301 them to internal pages on your money site etc.

The most effective method that we’ve always utilised is to turn them into mini sites.

The key resource for this will be Way back machine. You need to recover all of the original sites, we recommend using a resource like Way Back Downloader – in bulk, you can get the price to under $5 per site recovery!

We recommend no name internet for hosting as they have a solid resource system for easy setup and hosting as well as a wide variety of host locations. We have used them heavily for a large portion of our PBN networks and have had no complaints or reindexing issues.

Resurrecting former sites

With the concept of re using the old sites and their content, we bypass a huge range of issues. Your sites will not have footprints, they will align with the domain history etc, giving them credibility in the eyes of Google. You will want to setup adsense, banners etc to add an element of credibility as well.

With the 404 pages issue, it’s a little more tricky now, you don’t want to use wordpress plugins like link juice keeper etc as they have been accredited a huge amount of recent deindexation issues. There are good manual .htaccess scripts which are worth looking into.

Once you have your sites hosted and the websites recovered from way back machine, you’ll need to get your VA’s to insert your HTML links to the homepage. You can link out to 1-5 money sites in theory, as long as they are relevant. This makes it very worthwhile for JV’ing with partners in related/similar industries.

Tiered link power

So at this stage you should have perfectly hosted mini money sites acting as tier 1 links, they will have a handful of links to your money sites. This is the perfect Tier 1.

If you buy domains through us, you’ll have high quality niche relevant sites with great links in place. We want to build them up even stronger though, creating solid investment sites over time. Your core structure of say 20-30 tier 1 sites that you’ve setup will be built up with additional tiers of links.

What you want to do is setup 3-4 tiers of links over time to build up the overall power and quality of the top tier mini sites you’ve created. You won’t need to keep building links essentially, you will have an amazingly high quality top network that you can use to rank anything in the relevant industry.

Strategy layout

The most powerful strategy we’ve used and implemented over and over for our money/client sites is as follows:

Tier 1 – x number of mini sites as setup above

Tier 2 – Very high quality PBN posts from another non related network/service, set them up as 1:1 ration, one post per tier 1 site.

Tier 3 – News articles, PBN posts, Press release links

Additional side tier concept – what we do as well is setup expired domains with existing links and 301 them at tier 3 links. These domains we point loads of SAPE/ATX links at, or even 2-3 tiers of GSA, then we 301 them to blog posts at the tier 3 level. These 301’s can be pointed wherever you like at any stage essentially.

This builds up an incredibly strong network with a perfectly clean history, and tiers and tiers of power.

Diversifying anchors/power

Anchor text diversity: What we recommend is diluting/pillowing your incoming anchors with Press releases/other high quality contextual links. We recommend SEOlab press release service (skype – seolabservicepro). They have a massive value for money package, and delivered hundreds of links from high quality news sites.

All of your PR links should be created with brand/naked url anchors – absolutely nothing should have your keywords, no variations etc. Only use your brand if it doesn’t contain keywords.

Once you have this in place, set your anchors up on your tier 1 mini sites you built earlier to have exact match anchors on them. The concept here is to have a very low anchor text duplication rate so you don’t hit any over optimisation penalties. But you still get the full force power from your HQ tier 1 links.

Essentially what you are doing is using 5-10% of your links to do 90% of your link building, but you blanket them out with other decent quality links as well.

Effective results

The end result will be an extremely high powered network that is both relevant to your industry and pass ANY manual inspection. They will become more and more powerful over time and be extremely valuable as an asset + resource.

We use this exact strategy for all of our projects, using our domains and the above mentioned resources. We see a huge amount of success in what we do, you will to!

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