The most legitimate PBN link

We set them up with a restoration of the sites from wayback machine. We then put a partners section on the homepage of the sites. We put a logo image of our money site, and then link to our site – linking the logo image to our site. We add an “alt tag” on the image as the exact match anchor.

This creates a very legit link that is utilised across every industry by a huge % of the internet. Instead of just putting a text link on the homepage like “hosting reviews” for example, we have a specific credible partners section and link with the logo image with the alt tag.

This gives the exact same effect as a exact match text link, but is 100% legitimate and cleaner. These links have an incredible effect on our rankings and have become our go to strategy for all of our internal money sites (250+) and our partners as well.

I would recommend integrating generic high powered domains that have links from high authority news sites, government sites and other hard to obtain links – into your strategy.

This will give you an insane amount of link power leverage.